The pictures you see here are a desire to combine my passion for photography and racing…

About four years ago I picked up a copy of Indy Car Racing magazine and saw an amateur photo contest. Thinking that I could create results equal to or better then what was in the magazine I set out to determine if I was correct. My first goal was to at least be a runner up, which I accomplished. My next goal was to win, however the magazine no longer held the contest so I never found out. And now the magazine went belly up.

Then a door opened with providing photos the following year for the Lucas Place Indy Lights team. In conjunction with that several companies inquired about using my work for some of their advertising needs. This year my work will primarily be seen at In addition several equipment manufacturers, helmet artists, and race team/driver websites will also feature a few select images.

Raceways Montage

I hope you enjoy what you see when you look around here and please feel free to comment if you wish,

Bill Kistler


Champ Cars – Rd. 3 – Texas Motor Speedway – 100 Images
Indy Lights – Rd. 2 – Texas Motor Speedway – 75 Images
Champ Cars – Rd. 4 – Nazareth Speedway – 175 Images
Toyota Atlantic Cars – Rd. 2 – Nazareth Speedway – 81 Images
Champ Cars – Rd. 8 – Portland International Raceway – 71 Images
Indy Lights – Rd. 5 – Portland International Raceway – 48 Images
Shifter Karts – Portland International Raceway – 60 Images
Champ Cars – Rd. 10 – Molson Indy – 108 Images
Toyota Atlantic Cars – Rd. 6 – Molson Indy – 39 Images
Barber Dodge Cars – Rd. 6 – Molson Indy – 50 Images

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Helmet Manufacturers:

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There are numerous sorts of dashing and can be classified as follows:

(1) Rally Racing:

Rallying includes dashing in rough terrain regions where general individuals don’t drive their vehicles. The drivers and the co-drivers rally sooner or later and afterward leave the spot at normal interims to arrive at a specific point. The drivers and their co-drivers can investigate the track heretofore so as to have a superior thought of the streets. The co-drivers help the drivers to pick the most ideal approach to arrive at the goal. World Rally Championship is the most well known title right now race.

(2) Single-seater Racing:

This is one of the most celebrated engine sports and includes a great deal of extraordinarily planned fast vehicles. These are open-wheels autos and for the most part the vehicles have aerofoil wings in the front and just as back to have a superior bond to the track. Equation One is a World Championship that is presently known to each engine sport lover. This title is the most elevated level of engine sport and each vehicle racer needs to partake right now.

(3) Ice Racing:

This sort of dashing happens in day off on solidified lakes. Evident prerequisite for such race is extraordinary climate conditions and this engine sport for the most part happens in high scopes. These vehicles include full elastic and studded tires for a superior attachment.

(4) Touring Car Racing:

This kind of race includes exceptionally changed creation vehicles and it is similarly more slow than the games vehicle hustling or the single-seater dashing. The most famous title is the World Touring Car Championship.


(5) Stock Car Racing:

This kind of vehicle hustling is like Touring vehicle dashing and is an American rendition of the equivalent. The vehicle hustling arrangement well known right now dashing is the NASCAR. This is by and large led on ovals and the autos utilized in hustling are like creation vehicles however are explicitly worked for dashing.

(6) Drag Racing:

Drag dashing includes finishing a specific separation in the briefest conceivable time. For the most part this separation is 400 m and the scope of autos taking an interest right now be ordinary vehicle to high class dashing autos. It relies upon personal training courses which tells you the vehicle is being utilized for racing as a road hustling vehicle can cover 400m in 15 sec and a similar separation can be secured by an uncommonly structured fuel hot rod vehicle in 4.5 sec.

(7) Sports Car Racing:

Sports vehicle hustling happens in a shut circuit and right now, fabricated autos and sports autos creation forms contend with one another. This race is especially for long separations like 1000km and that is the reason this race includes more than one driver exchanging between them.

(8) Off-street Racing:

The name discloses to everything, the hustling of some altered autos happens rough terrain for example away from city traffic. Rough terrain well known title arrangement is CORR.

(9) Hill Climbing:

This sort of race includes dashing for the best time consummation. The autos need to climb the incredibly steep slopes and the vehicle with the best consummation time is the champ.

(10) Kart Racing:

Generally, most engine sport devotees start their profession from Kart hustling. The dashing tracks are very little and the karts utilized in the race are very unique in relation to the ordinary autos that sudden spike in demand for streets.